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All About Dreams and Desires

Posted over 6 years ago on 27th of November, 2017.
All About Dreams and Desires

Most of us have been taught to dream big and think big since we were kids. My parents always told me that dreaming big is the first step to making it happen. There are people out there that argue that if you can dream something, you can achieve it. But does that apply to everything and everyone?

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big. The world’s most creative minds, that are responsible for the creation of some amazing things that we cannot live without in today’s world were probably given a lot of backlash for their unrealistic dreams when they first thought of them. I am willing to bet that the Wright brothers were called idiots by a lot of people when they told them that they were going to make a craft that can carry humans and fly like a bird.

Dreaming is the first step in making something happen. And by dreaming I do not mean seeing something in your dreams, I mean visualizing something in your head before making it happen. The craziest ideas human kind has thought of are the ones that have changed the world the most. Think of things like radio waves, airplanes, trains and even cars, I am sure you will have people laughing at you if you could go back in time 300 years ago and try to explain those things to the people living in that time period. I do not think there is such a thing as dreaming too big, even if it is not possible to make that dream a reality, it might open other doors and create other concepts that might be possible.

After dream, comes desire. If your creative mind can dream of something, but you have no desire to make that a reality, its as useful as a chocolate teapot. If you really want to turn your dreams into reality, you need to have desire to make it happen, which will push you into making that dream into a reality.

Never stop dreaming and dream big! Who knows, you might be the next Orville Wright and hoverboards might actually be a thing in the future.

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